Door Holder 13016

where to buy Pregabalin online Manufacturer: IDH by St. Simons

Category: Door Holder

Item Number: 13016

Dimensions: Base Diameter: 2-1/4″ – Height: 4″



“Cup” Stop & Holder with Hook



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003/605: Polished Brass, 004/606: Satin Brass, 005/609: Antique Brass, 008: Bright Copper, 014/618: Bright Nickel, 015/619: Satin Nickel, 019/622: Matte Black, 026/625: Polished Chrome, 08A: Antique Copper, 10B/613: Oil-Rubbed Bronze, 15A/620: Antique Nickel, 26D/626: Satin Chrome, 3NL: Polished Brass No Lacquer